Intermediate Band

The Paragould Intermediate Band consists of all 8th graders that are split into two groups; the Red Band and the Blue Band. The groups have 5 major performances each year; Mass Band Night, Christmas Concert, Pre-Assessment Concert, Concert Assessment, and Spring Concert. The Intermediate Bands also play at football games and various pep-rallys and school spirit functions. The Intermediate Bands meet everyday during Jr. High 8th period. During the months of Jan-March the groups meet after school 2 times a week as well as other extra rehearsals with invited guest clinicians. This class is a prerequisite for the High School Band. Students are expected to perform music at the grade II or III level, audition for All-Region Band, and take private lessons on their band instrument. All Intermediate Band students audition for the Sr. High Symphonic & Concert Bands in March each year. They then perform at the Recruitment Concert, Spring Concert, & PHS Graduation.

Students are also encouraged to attend Dixie Band Camp, usually the 3rd or 4th week of June. More info can be found at www.dixiebandcamp.net

2015-2016 Musical Selections, Red Band
Aaron Stickley, Conductor

assisted by Richie Williams

"Skyline March"- Barry Ward
"Belingrath Gardens"- Ralph Ford, Grade II
"Last Ride of the Pony Express"- David Shaffer, Grade II
"Fantasy on an English Carol"- Michael Story
"Carol of the Bells"- Larry Clark

2015-2016 Musical Selections, Blue Band
Michael Fletcher, Conductor

assisted by Billy VanDelinder

"Highlands March"- Barry Ward
"Dramatico"- Robert W. Smith, Grade I
"Fire Dance"- David Shaffer, Grade I
"A Christmas Proclomation"- Robert W. Smith

2014-2015 Musical Selections, Intermediate Band
Tyler Hart, Conductor

"Vikings Victorious"- Chris Sharp
"Canto"- W. Francis McBeth, Grade I
"Ancient Ritual"- Elliot Del Borgo, Grade II
"A Christmas Proclomation"- Robert W. Smith
"Fantasy on an English Carol"- Michael Story

2013-2014 Musical Selections, Intermediate Band
Shawn Crawford & Richie Williams, Conductor

"Skyline March"- Barry Ward
"Park Street Celebration"- James Swearingen, Grade I
"Moscow 1941"- Brian Balmages, Grade II

2012 -2013 Musical Selections, Intermediate Band
Adam Hollenbeck, Conductor

  • "Highlands March"- Barry Ward
  • "Asian Sunrise"- Barry Kopetz, Grade II
  • "Cumberland Cross"- Carl Strommen, Grade II
  • "Pevensey Castle"- Robert Sheldon, Grade II
  • "Zeal"- Rob Grice, Grade I
  • "A Christmas Proclomation"- Robert W. Smith
  • "Fantasy on an English Carol"- Michael Story

2010 -2011 Musical Selections, Intermediate Band
Timothy Hendrix, Conductor

  • "Moscow 1941" - Brian Balmages, Grade II
  • "An Irish Air" - Robert Sheldon, Grade I
  • "March Britannia" - Ed Huckeby
  • "Refelections on a Moonlight" - Robert W. Smith
  • "Blue Ridge Saga" - James Swearingen, Grade III

+Grade levels based off of ASBOA or UIL concert music listings