2024 Panel To Be Announced!

  • Music Judge-

  • Music Judge-

  • Music Judge-

  • Visual Judge-

  • Visual Judge-

  • Percussion-

  • Colorguard-

  • Drum Majors-

Adjudicators for The Paragould – McDonald’s Marching Invitational are selected by the contest staff. Each adjudicator must possess the highest level of competence and fairness and have a solid reputation among fellow music educators. We understand the importance of assembling judges that are non-biased. The Paragould-McDonald's contest staff strives each year to bring in adjudicators from out of area.

The competition is run on a caption-judged format. There are three (3) Music Ensemble/Effect judges and two (2) Visual Ensemble/Effect judges. In addition, there are three additional caption judges to determine rank in those captions, but their score does not effect the overall score. Those are: (1) Drum Major judge, one (1) Colorguard/Auxillary judge, and one (1) Percussion judge.


  • Music Ensemble/Effect (20% each judge) - 60%

  • Visual Ensemble/Effect (20% each judge) - 40%

  • Percussion - 0%

  • Colorguard - 0%

  • Drum Major - 0%

In the unlikely event of a tie score between bands, the tiebreaker will be determined by the band with the higher score in the Visual Ensemble/Effect category.

A numerical score will determine the rating and ranking, as well as the colorguard, percussion and drum major captions. Ratings are assigned as follows:

  • I (Superior) 80.0 - 100.0

  • II (Excellent) 60.0 - 79.9

  • III (Average) 40.0 - 59.9

  • IV (Below Avg.) 0.0 - 39.9