AP Music Theory

AP Music Theory is an Advanced Placement course offered through Paragould High School and is taught by Ethan Andrews. It focuses on the science behind music and the analysis, creation, and exploration of music itself. It is grounded in the European Common Practice Period of music(1600-1900). Most of the music studied comes from "classical" music, however, modern examples are used to see how these practices still influence our music today.

All students that enroll are required to sign an AP contract through the school, committing to taking The AP Exam in May of that school year. The AP Exam serves as the final benchmark of the course. Students with qualifying scores are eligible to earn college credit for every AP course taken. Students interested in pursuing music in college, band or not, with qualifying scores are eligible to receive credit through their 2nd semester of music theory and aural perception courses, depending on the institution.

If you have any questions about the course, feel free to reach out to Mr. Andrews at: eandrews@paragouldschools.net