Concert Band

The Paragould Sr. High Concert Band consists of band members in the 9th-12th grade. Starting in Fall of 2016, this will be a year round group that meets during school. At the conclusion of marching season in 2015, students auditioned for their band & chair placement. The Concert Band meets 5th period each day from the beginning of the year (2016) until the Spring Concert in April. The Concert Band performs four times per year: Christmas Concert, Region Concert Assessment, Pre-Assessment Concert, and Spring Concert. Concert Band members are expected to audition for All-Region each year & take lessons in the fall & spring. This group rehearses twice a week after school each spring, with some additional rehearsals with clinicians & guest conductors, as announced by the director. After the Spring Concert, the Paragould Symphonic & Concert Bands become one band as well, the Paragould Combined Concert Band, to perform at the Recruitment concert & at the PHS Graduation.


2015-2016 Musical Selections, Concert Band
Mr. Billy VanDelinder, Conductor

assisted by Mr. Aaron Stickley

"Broadway!"- Johnnie Vinson
"The Witch and the Saint"- Steven Reineke, Grade III
"And the Fire Raged"- Ted Ricketts, Grade III
"Electricity"- Brian Balmages
"Shadows Unleashed"- Brian Balmages
"Fire Dance"- David Shaffer, Grade I

2014-2015 Musical Selections, Concert Band
Mr. Billy VanDelinder, Conductor

2013-2014 Musical Selections, Concert Band
Mr. Shawn Crawford, Conductor

  • "Bonds of Unity"- Karl L. King
  • "Bellingrath Gardens"- Ralph Ford, Grade II
  • "Rivers"- Tom O'Connor, Grade III
  • "Into the Storm" - Robert W. Smith, Grade III
  • "Moscow 1941" - Brian Balmages, Grade II

2012-2013 Musical Selections, Concert Band
Mr. Adam Hollenbeck, Conductor

  • "Hosts of Freedom" - Karl L. King
  • "Romanesque" - James Swearingen, Grade II
  • "Prelude and Primal Danse" - Ed Huckeby, Grade III
  • "The Great Locomotive Chase" - Robert W. Smith, Grade III

2011-2012 Musical Selections, Concert Band
Mr. Timothy Hendrix, Conductor

2010-2011 Musical Selections, Concert Band
Timothy Hendrix, Conductor

  • "Zia, Zia" - Claude T. Smith
  • "Two British Folk Songs" - Elliot del Borgo, Grade II
  • "Zeal" - Rob Grice, Grade I

+Grade levels based off of ASBOA or UIL concert music listings