2018-2019 Awards

Gibson County Marching Invitational

Gibson County High School

Dyre, TN

September 16th, 2018


Prelims Results

- 1st Place Drum Major in AAAAA

- 1st Place Colorguard in AAAAA

- 1st Place Percussion in AAAAA

- 1st Place Band in AAAAA

- Grand Champion Large Division

Finals Results

- 1st Place Drum Major Overall

- 1st Place Colorguard Overall

- 2nd Place Percussion Overall

- Overall Highest Marching Award

- Overall Highest Music Award

- Overall Highest General Effect

Bands of America Regional

Austin Peay State University

Clarksville, TN

September 29th, 2018

Overall 11th Place

Region V Marching Assessment

Paragould High School

Paragould, AR

October 16, 2018

First Division Rating

Bands of America St. Louis Super Regional

Edward Jones Dome

St. Louis, MO

October 26th, 2018

Overall 27th Place

2018 Arkansas State Championships

War Memorial Stadium

Little Rock, AR

October 30th, 2018


Class AAAAA Awards:

- Best Visual

- Best Music

2018-2019 Region Jazz Honors

Senior High First Band

Christian Wagner: 1st Chair Trumpet

Jade Morrow: 2nd Chair Trumpet

Maddie Chaney: 4th Chair Trumpet

Suppapon Tetarinont: 1st Chair Piano

Noah Hughes: 2nd Chair Tenor Saxophone

Noah Coffel: 2nd Chair Trombone

Gerson Rangel: 4th Chair Trombone

Austin Hutchison: 1st Chair Bass Trombone

Logan Hisaw: 2nd Chair Guitar

Ryan Wright: 1st Chair Baritone Saxophone

Senior High Second Band

Lari Norwood: 4th Chair Trombone

Allie Robb: 1st Chair Trombone

Jade Bounds: 3rd Chair Trumpet

Luis Campos: 2nd Chair Drumset

Trenton Biggs: 1st Chair Bass Guitar

Peyton Smith: 5th Chair Trumpet

Junior High Band

Bethanie Hutchison: 4th Chair Trumpet

Logan Smith: 2nd Chair Trombone

Jared Smith: 3rd Chair Trombone

Zed Alhallak: 1st Chair Piano


Malorie Chaney: Tenor Saxophone

Gatlin Childress: Drumset

2018-2019 Junior High All-Region Honors

Junior High First Band

Justin Elias: 9th Chair Clarinet

Elijah Smith: 11th Chair Clarinet

Cyrus Strohm: 1st Chair Bass Clarinet

Ashton Rodrigues: 2nd Chair Alto Saxophone

Joseph Luck: 2nd Chair Tenor Saxophone

Devon Jarman: 4th Chair Trumpet

Joseph Rogers: 13th Chair Trumpet

Zed Alhallak: 4th Chair Euphonium

Ethan Vandon: 7th Chair Tuba

Lance Corder: 9th Chair Percussion

Sebastian Barger: 12th Chair Percussion

Junior High Second Band

Victoria Slayton: 8th Chair Clarinet

Bryan Forbs: 12th Chair Clarinet

Makanza Sanders: 20th Chair Clarinet

Ezekiel Southard: 3rd Chair Bass Clarinet

Allison Ryan: 4th Chair Alto Saxophone

Abbie Freligh: 2nd Chair Trumpet

Bethanie Hutchison: 3rd Chair Trumpet

Ashley Williford: 11th Chair Trumpet

Alana Holloway: 4th Chair French Horn

Araya Apuan: 8th Chair French Horn

Emily Thomas: 4th Chair Percussion

Ethan Russell: 9th Chair Percussion

Katelynn Waddell: 11th Chair Percussion


Hunter March: Bass Clarinet

Jacob Clark: Trumpet

T.J. Moody - Tuba

2018-2019 Senior High All-Region Honors

Senior High First Band

Taylor Copland: 4th Chair Flute

Rebecca Morgan: 9th Chair Flute

Sarah Purcell: 4th Chair Oboe

Chloe Scorfina: 9th Chair Clarinet

Allen Apuan: 10th Chair Clarinet

Racheal Kelly: 15th Chair Clarinet

Gracie Ragsdell: 17th Chair Clarinet

Austin Myrick: 23rd Chair Clarinet

Melody Young: 1st Chair Alto Clarinet

Hailea Eubanks: 1st Chair Contra Clarinet

Noah Hughes: 2nd Chair Alto Saxophone

Gabe Waddell: 1st Chair Tenor Saxophone

Ryan Wright: 1st Chair Baritone Saxophone

Maddie Chaney: 5th Chair Trumpet

Christian Wagner: 6th Chair Trumpet

Jade Morrow: 9th Chair Trumpet

Zoe Rodrigues: 4th Chair French Horn

Valerey Michael: 6th Chair French Horn

Mattie Neighbors: 7th Chair French Horn

Noah Coffel: 3rd Chair Trombone

Allie Robb: 3rd Chair Euphonium

Lari Norwood: 4th Chair Euphonium

Hayden Crosno: 3rd Chair Tuba

Justin Beach: 8th Chair Tuba

Logan Hisaw: 1st Chair Percussion

Keirsten Sharpe: 6th Chair Percussion

Senior High Second Band

Lily Bermea: 7th Chair Flute

Corriana Hodges: 20th Chair Clarinet

Alisha Smith: 2nd Chair Tenor Saxophone

Chloe Thomason: 3rd Chair Trumpet

Kris Brandt: 6th Chair Trumpet

Courtney Babcock: 11th Chair Trumpet

Dustie Hall: 1st Chair French Horn

Kara Wertenberger: 7th Chair French Horn

Gerson Rangel: 8th Chair Trombone

Alicia Johnson: 1st Chair Bass Trombone

Illyana O'Rourke: 1st Chair Euphonium

Martin Ray: 3rd Chair Tuba

Holden Hartsfield: 5th Chair Tuba

Greg West: 6th Chair Tuba

Luis Campos: 1st Chair Percussion

Matt Brown: 6th Chair Percussion

Gatlin Childress: 11th Chair Percussion


Lydia Friend: Flute

Allison Lyles: Clarinet

Gavyn McFarland: Alto Saxophone

Glenn Fitzgerald: Tenor Saxophone

Sarah Vaughn: French Horn

Dustin Cline: French Horn

Steven Hughes: Tuba

2018-2019 Mid-South Honor Band

Junior High

Justin Elias: Clarinet

Allison Ryan: Alto Saxophone

Joseph Rogers: Trumpet

Araya Apuan: French Horn

Cyrus Strohm: Bass Clarinet

Ashton Rodrigues: Alto Saxophone

Devon Jarman: Trumpet

Sebastian Barger: Percussion

Senior High

Rebecca Morgan: Flute

Kris Brandt: Trumpet

Dustie Hall: French Horn

Allen Apuan: Clarinet

Hailea Eubanks: Clarinet

Melody Young: Clarinet

Greg West: Tuba