2017-2018 Awards

Union City Marching Invitational

Union City High School

Union City, TN

September 16th, 2017


Prelims Awards:

Outstanding Colorguard
Outstanding Percussion
Outstanding Music Performance
Outstanding Visual Performance
Outstanding General Effect

Finals Awards:

Outstanding Colorguard
Outstanding Percussion
Outstanding Music Performance
Outstanding Visual Performance
Outstanding General Effect

Bands of America Regional

Austin Peay State University

Clarksville, TN

September 23rd, 2017


Overall 11th Place

The Redskin Classic

Pocahontas High School

Pocahontas, AR

September 30th, 2017


Outstanding Music
Outstanding Marching
Outstanding Effect
Outstanding Percussion
Outstanding Colorguard

First Place - Class AAAAA Band
First Place - Percussion
First Place - Colorguard
First Place - Soloist (Blaire Justice - Flute)

Mid-South Classic

Jonesboro High School

Jonesboro, AR

October 7, 2017


Class AAAAA Awards:

3rd Place Drum Major
2nd Place Percussion
2nd Place Colorguard
Outstanding Soloist (Blaire Justice - Flute)
1st Place Overall in Class AAAAA

Gold Division Awards (AAA, AAAA, and AAAAA)

Outstanding Music
Outstanding Visual
Outstanding General Effect
Overall First Place Gold Division

Region V Marching Assessment

Paragould High School

Paragould, AR

October 17th, 2017

First Division Rating

Bands of America St. Louis Super Regional

Edward Jones Dome

St. Louis, MO

October 21st, 2017

23rd Place Overall

The Arkansas Open

Arkansas State University

Jonesboro, AR

October 28th, 2017


Class AAAAA Awards:

1st Place Colorguard
1st Place Percussion
1st Place in Class

Overall Awards:

1st Place Effect
1st Place Percussion
1st Place Music

2017 Arkansas State Championships

War Memorial Stadium

Little Rock, AR

October 30th-31st, 2017


Class AAAA Awards:

Best Visual
Best Music

USBands National Championship

Metlife Stadium

East Rutherford, NJ

November 12th, 2017

7th Place Overall in Group VI

2017-2018 All-Region Jazz Honors

Senior High First Band:

Jade Morrow: 3rd Chair Trumpet
Colton Thomason: 1st Chair Trumpet
Christian Wagner: 2nd Chair Trumpet
Josh Huffstutler: 1st Chair Drumset
Daniel Crawford: 3rd Chair Trombone
Gabe Waddell: 2nd Chair Tenor Saxophone

Senior High Second Band:

Sara Scorfina: 2nd Chair Piano
Drake Plunkett: 4th Chair Trombone
Hayden Crosno: 2nd Chair Bass Guitar
Noah Hughes: 2nd Chair Alto Saxophone
Noah Coffell: 2nd Chair Trombone
AJ Booth: 1st Chair Trombone

Junior High Band:

Allie Robb: 5th Chair Trombone


Jade Bounds: Trumpet
Alisha Smith: Tenor Saxophone
Brianna Kriske: Trumpet
Karson Oakes: Piano

2017-2018 Junior High All-Region Honors

Junior High First Band:

Rebecca Morgan: 5th Chair Flute
Hayley Howard: 8th Chair Flute
Sarah Purcell: 2nd Chair Oboe
Gracie Ragsdell: 1st Chair Clarinet
Chloe Scorfina: 4th Chair Clarinet
Ashton Rodrigues: 5th Chair Alto Saxophone
Alisha Smith: 1st Chair Tenor Saxophone
Zeb Dill: 2nd Chair Tenor Saxophone
Abby Freligh: 2nd Chair Trumpet
Payton Smith: 13th Chair Trumpet
Dustie Hall: 3rd Chair French Horn
Kara Wertenberger: 5th Chair French Horn
Gerson Rangel: 6th Chair Trombone
Caroline Burrow: 9th Chair Trombone
Allie Robb: 1st Chair Euphonium
Zed Alhallak: 6th Chair Euphonium
Tyler Brown: 7th Chair Tuba
Keirsten Sharpe: 2nd Chair Percussion
Matt Brown: 6th Chair Percussion
Lance Corder: 10th Chair Percussion
Sebastian Barger: 12th Chair Percussion

Junior High Second Band:

Kim Haney: 1st Chair Clarinet
Elijah Smith: 7th Chair Clarinet
Allison Liles: 13th Chair Clarinet
Kinzie Williams: 26th Chair Clarinet
Jesse Sanders: 2nd Chair Bass Clarinet
Tyler Chamberlain: 3rd Chair Bass Clarinet
Bethanie Hutchison: 6th Chair Trumpet
Dustin Cline: 7th Chair French Horn
Lari Norwood: 3rd Chair Trombone
Shawn Winn: 1st Chair Tuba
Austin Hutchison: 6th Chair Tuba
Tiffany Vaughn: 11th Chair Percussion


Secily Eldridge: Clarinet
Cyrus Strohm: Bass Clarinet
Malorie Chaney: Baritone Saxophone
Abby Stevens: Percussion

2017-2018 Senior High All-Region Honors

Senior High First Band

Taylor Copeland: 10th Chair Flute
Allen Apuan: 17th Chair Clarinet
Melody Young: 1st Chair Alto Clarinet
Hailea Eubanks: 2nd Chair Contra Clarinet
Noah Hughes: 6th Chair Alto Saxophone
Gabe Waddell: 1st Chair Tenor Saxophone
Ryan Wright: 2nd Chair Baritone Saxophone
Colton Thomason: 2nd Chair Trumpet
Maddie Chaney: 9th Chair Trumpet
Christian Wagner: 13th Chair Trumpet
Brett Murdie: 4th Chair French Horn
Seth Laws: 8th Chair French Horn
Daniel Crawford: 2nd Chair Trombone
AJ Booth: 6th Chair Trombone
Noah Coffel: 8th Chair Trombone
Ben Phillips: 4th Chair Tuba
Hayden Crosno: 8th Chair Tuba
Trevor Gatewood: 1st Chair Percussion
Josh Huffstutler: 4th Chair Percussion
Tyler Brown: 5th Chair Percussion

Senior High Second Band

Racheal Kelly: 4th Chair Clarinet
Austin Myrick: 9th Chair Clarinet
Corianna Hodges: 26th Chair Clarinet
Sam Baker: 2nd Chair Alto Saxophone
Warren Poff: 2nd Chair Tenor Saxophone
Jade Morrow: 6th Chair Trumpet
Chloe Thomason: 8th Chair Trumpet
Charlie Williamson: 10th Chair Trumpet
Mattie Neighbors: 7th Chair French Horn
Zoe Rodrigues: 8th Chair French Horn
Tyler Teague: 3rd Chair Trombone
Illyana O'Rourke: 3rd Chair Euphonium
Justin Beach: 1st Chair Tuba
Martin Ray: 6th Chair Tuba
Holden Hartsfield: 8th Chair Tuba
Nick Karppe: 5th Chair Percussion
Luis Campos: 8th Chair Percussion


Tryniti Garred: Flute
Katelyn Grooms: Clarinet
Glenn Fitzgerald: Tenor Saxophone
Valery Michael: French Horn
Bayleigh Freeman: Percussion

2017-2018 All-State Honor Bands

Jazz Band

Colton Thomason: 1st Band, 3rd Chair Trumpet
Josh Huffstutler: 2nd Band, 1st Chair Drumset
Daniel Crawford: Alternate Trombone

Wind Symphony

Melody Young: 2nd Chair Alto Clarinet

Symphonic Band

Brett Murdie: 1st Chair French Horn
Colton Thomason: 5th Chair Trumpet
Daniel Crawford: 6th Chair Trombone
Trevor Gatewood: 4th Chair Percussion
Tyler Brown: 11th Chair Percussion
Josh Huffstutler: 12th Chair Percussion

Concert Band

Gabe Waddell: 1st Chair Tenor Saxophone
Ryan Wright: 2nd Chair Baritone Saxophone


Hailea Eubanks: Contra Clarinet

2017-2018 Mid-South Honor Band