2015-2016 Awards


Bands of America Regional
Austin Peay State University
Clarksville, TN
September 19th, 2015

12th Place Overall
3rd Place in Class AA

US Bands Marching Invitational
Arlington High School
Arlington, TN
September 26th, 2015


Overall 2nd Place Band
First Place Percussion in Blue Division
First Place Drum Major in Blue Division
Top General Effect score in Class AAAA & Overall
Top Music Individual score in Class AAAA & Overall
Top Percussion score in Class AAAA
Top Drum Major score in Class AAAA

"Mid-South Marching Classic"
Jonesboro High School
Jonesboro, AR
October 3rd, 2015


Overall First Place Band
Overall Grand Champion Drum Major, Percussion, & Colorguard
Top Music, Visual, & Effect Scores - Gold Division (AAA-AAAAA)
First Place Band - Gold Division (AAA-AAAAA)
Overall Most Entertaining Band
Class Champion Band - Class AAAAA
First Place Drum Major - Class AAAAA
First Place Percussion - Class AAAAA
First Place Colorguard - Class AAAAA
First Place Soloist - Class AAAAA

Bands of America St. Louis Super Regional
Edward Jones Dome
St. Louis, MO
October 16th-17th, 2015

19th Place Overall
5th Place in Class AA

Region V Marching Assessment
Greene County Tech High School
Paragould, AR
October 20th, 2015

First Division Superior Rating

"Contest of Champions"
Middle Tennessee State University
Murfreesboro, TN
October 31st, 2015

Overall 4th Place Band

Bands of America Grand Nationals
Lucas Oil Stadium
Indianapolis, IN
November 12th-14th, 2015

40th Place Overall in the Nation

2015-2016 All-Region Jazz Honors

Sr. First Band

Katie Hays - 2nd chair, Trombone

Josh Huffstutler - 1st chair, Drums

Nathan Barker - 2nd chair, Drums

Sr. Second Band

Andrew Perry - 2nd chair, Tenor Saxophone

Brandan Bakkala - 1st chair, Trumpet

Heather Warren - 4th chair, Trumpet

Daniel Crawford - 3rd chair, Trombone

Trevor Bateman - 4th chair, Trombone

Kason Irvin - 1st chair, Bass Trombone

Jared Barham - 2nd chair, Bass

Victoria Estrada - 1st chair, Piano

Karson Oakes - 2nd chair, Piano

Jr. Jazz Band

Noah Hughes - 2nd chair, Tenor Saxophone

Christian Wagner - 2nd chair, Trumpet

Zoe Rodrigues - 2nd chair, Guitar


Gavin Wagster - alternate, Trumpet

Paxton Poff - alternate, Bass Trombone

2015-2016 Jr. High All-Region Honors

Jr. First Band

Hailea Eubanks - 4th chair, Bass Clarinet
Noah Hughes - 5th chair, Alto Saxophone

Gabe Waddell - 3rd chair, Tenor Saxophone

Ryan Wright - 1st chair, Baritone Saxophone

Valerey Michael - 2nd chair, French Horn

Emilee Owen - 3rd chair, French Horn

Zoe Rodrigues - 5th chair, French Horn

Noah Coffell - 7th chair, Trombone

Hayden Crossno - 5th chair, Tuba

Holden Hartsfield - 6th chair, Tuba

Zach Pullum - 4th chair, Percussion

Jr. Second Band

Taylor Copeland - 3rd chair, Flute

Annie Grace Fleming - 6th chair, Clarinet

Kelly Cook - 24th chair, Clarinet
Emma Wyatt - 26th chair, Clarinet

Melody Young - 2nd chair, Bass Clarinet

Warren Poff - 2nd chair, Alto Saxophone

Westin Henderson - 2nd chair, Tenor Saxophone

Jade Morrow - 1st chair, Trumpet

Chloe Thomason - 6th chair, Trumpet

Christian Wagner - 11th chair, Trumpet

Brianna Kriske - 5th chair, French Horn
Jilliyn Jeu - 7th chair, French Horn

Illiana O'Rourke - 2nd chair, Trombone

Gatlin Childress - 6th chair, Percussion


Lainey Dillon - Alto Saxophone

Gavyn McFarland - Tenor Saxophone
Courtney Babcock - Trumpet

2015-2016 Sr. High All-Region Honors

Sr. First Band

Sara Hickson* - 5th chair, Flute
Alyssa Litwiller - 12th chair, Flute
Drew Gazaway* - 2nd chair, Clarinet
Brittany Adams* - 7th chair, Clarinet
Rhealeigh Jaques* - 11th chair, Clarinet
Mallory Straub* - 19th chair, Clarinet
Shay Cline* - 20th chair, Clarinet
Gabby Guedea - 24th chair, Clarinet
Andrew Perry* - 2nd chair, Contra Clarinet
Heather Warren* - 1st chair, Trumpet
Andrew Rippy* - 2nd chair, Trumpet
Brandan Bakkala* - 4th chair, Trumpet
Colton Thomason* - 10th chair, Trumpet
Brett Mangrum* - 6th chair, French Horn
Katie Hays* - 4th chair, Trombone
Paxton Poff* - 2nd chair, Bass Trombone
Dominique Carter* - 2nd chair, Euphonium
Kason Irvin* - 3rd chair, Euphonium
Jared Barham* - 1st chair, Tuba
Ben Phillips* - 5th chair, Tuba
Matt Anderson** - 7th chair, Tuba
Monica Tobar* - 1st chair, Percussion
Trevor Gatewood* - 9th chair, Percussion
Josh Huffstutler* - 11th chair, Percussion

Sr. Second Band

Monica Perez** - 3rd chair, Bass Clarinet
Rachel Morgan** - 1st chair, Tenor Saxophone
Nate Babcock** - 3rd chair, Tenor Saxophone
Sam Baker** - 1st chair, Bari Saxophone
Charlie Williamson - 5th chair, Trumpet
Garrett Potter - 8th chair, Trumpet
Venita McQuay - 10th chair, Trumpet
Katelyn Hampton - 3rd chair, French Horn
Brett Murdie - 3rd chair, French Horn
Jordanne Roberts - 6th chair, French Horn
Daniel Crawford** - 2nd chair, Trombone
Trevor Bateman** - 3rd chair, Trombone
Samantha Cook - 5th chair, Trombone
AJ Booth - 8th chair, Trombone
Gavin Wagster** - 1st chair, Euphonium
Jada White** - 3rd chair, Euphonium
Ryan Landreth - 6th chair, Euphonium
Victoria Estrada** - 2nd chair, Percussion
Tyler Brown - 6th chair, Percussion
Abby Smithee - 8th chair, Percussion
Bren Garred - 9th chair, Percussion

*-indicates eligibility for All-State auditions
**-indicates alternate for All-State auditions

2015-2016 All-State Honor Bands

Wind Symphony

Heather Warren - 8th Chair, Trumpet

Drew Gazaway - 18th chair, Clarinet

Symphonic Band

Brittany Adams - 10th Chair, Clarinet

Brandan Bakkala - 4th Chair, Trumpet

Jared Barham - 3rd Chair, Tuba

Monica Tobar - 12th Chair, Percussion

Concert Band

Kason Irvin - 1st Chair, Euphonium


Andrew Rippy - Trumpet

Katie Hays - Trombone

Dominique Carter - Euphonium

Second Jazz Band
Josh Huffstutler - 2nd Chair, Drumset

2015-2016 Mid-South Honor Band

Shay Cline - Clarinet

Mallory Straub - Clarinet

Annie-Grace Fleming - Clarinet

Hailea Eubanks - Bass Clarinet

Noah Hughes - Alto Saxophone

Ryan Wright - Bari Saxophone

Charlie Williamson - Trumpet

Jade Morrow - Trumpet

Colton Thomason - Trumpet

Andrew Rippy - Trumpet

Mattie Neighbors - French Horn

Emilee Owen - French Horn

Zoe Rodriguez - French Horn

Trevor Bateman - Trombone

Daniel Crawford - Trombone

Paxton Poff - Bass Trombone

Hayden Crosno - Tuba

Jared Barham - Tuba

Tyler Brown - Percussion

Trevor Gatewood - Percussion

Josh Huffstutler - Percussion