2011-2012 Awards


Briarcrest Marching Invitational Reserve Grand Champions!

Briarcrest Marching Invitational @ Briarcrest High School, Eades, TN
Saturday, September 17th, 2011

Overall Second Place Band
Grand Champion Field Commander
Second Place Band - Division II
First Place Field Commander - Division II
Second Place Percussion - Division II
Third Place Auxillary - Division II
First Place Field Commander - Class AAA
First Place Percussion - Class AAA
Second Place Auxillary - Class AAA
Second Place Band - Class AAA

Mid-South Marching Classic @ Jonesboro High School
Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Overall Third Place Band
Grand Champion Field Commander
Superior Rated Band, Percussion, Auxillary, & Field Commander
Gold Division (Class AAA & AAAA) Second Place Band
Overall Outstanding Visual Performance
First Place Band - Class AAA
First Place Field Commander - Class AAA
First Place Percussion - Class AAA
First Place Soloist - Class AAA (Richie Hardin - flute)
Second Place Auxillary - Class AAA

Arkansas Open Overall Second Place Band!

Arkansas Open Band Championship @ Arkansas State University
Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

Overall Runner-up for Arkansas Championship (2nd consecutive year)
Top Overall Score (96.5) Field Commander - Grant Ragsdell
Top Overall Score (98) Color Guard & Majorettes
Superior Rated Band, Percussion, Color Guard & Majorettes, & Field Commander
Second Place Overall Music Score
Second Place Overall Effect Score
Third Place Overall Visual Score
Class Champion Band - Class AAAA (2nd consecutive year)
First Place Field Commander - Class AAAA
First Place Color Guard & Majorettes - Class AAAA
First Place Soloist - Class AAAA (Richie Hardin - flute)
Second Place Percussion - Class AAAA
Third Place Soloist - Class AAAA (Hunter Durham - trumpet)

Region V Marching Assessment @ Batesville High School
Monday, October 24th, 2011

Superior (I) Rated Band

Bandmasters Championship Top 7 Band!

Bandmasters Championship
Liberty Bowl Stadium
University of Memphis
Saturday, October 29th, 2011

Overall 7th Place Band (out of 36)
Superior Rated Band
Outstanding Music Performance - Class AAA
Outstanding Overall Effect - Class AAA
Third Place Band - Class AAA
5th Place Overall Score Color Guard

2011-2012 All-Region Jazz Honors

First Band:
Hunter Durham - 1st chair, trumpet*
Wayne Brandt - 3rd chair, trombone*
Grant Ragsdell - 2nd chair, guitar*

Second Band:
Kyler Gurien - 1st chair, alto saxophone
Jon Vickers - 2nd chair, alto saxophone
Colton Wilmes - 3rd chair, trumpet
Cody Grooms - 5th chair, trumpet
Zach Brown - 3rd chair, trombone
Logan Davis - 1st chair, trap set*
Alex Dwyer - 1st chair, guitar*
Seth Smithee - 1st chair, piano*

Jr. High Jazz Band:
CJ Slatton - 1st chair, baritone saxophone
Caleb Hollis - 1st chair, trombone

First Alternates:
Matt Thomas - Sr. Bass
Alex Poschman - Jr. Bass

* = Qualified to audition for All-State Jazz

2011-2012 Jr. High All-Region Honors

First Band:

Tori Henry - 4th chair, Flute
Brittany Adams - 5th chair, Clarinet
Amanda Robbins - 7th chair, Clarinet
Drew Gazaway - 11th chair, Clarinet
Lexi Wilson - 24th chair, Clarinet
Gabby Guedea - 25th chair, Clarinet
Brandan Bakkala - 7th chair, Trumpet
Colton Carner - 8th chair, Trumpet
Rona Smith - 2nd chair, French Horn
Caleb Hollis - 1st chair, Trombone
Ashley McIninch - 3rd chair, Trombone
Joey Jones - 5th chair, Trombone
Hannah Smithee - 8th chair, Trombone
Kason Irvin - 1st chair, Euphonium
Clayton Barrett - 5th chair, Tuba
Garrett Graham - 4th chair, Percussion
Lauren Owen - 8th chair, Percussion

Second Band:

Rachel Rose - 1st chair, Flute
Sara Hickson - 10th chair, Flute
Desiree Carson - 1st chair, Bass Clarinet
DeAnna Maynard - 4th chair, Clarinet
Jordanne Roberts - 7th chair, French Horn
Dominique Carter - 1st chair, Euphonium
Alex Poschman - 4th chair, Tuba


Whiney Jeter - Flute
Ashley Ward - Flute
Marissa Foster - Clarinet
CJ Slatton - Alto Saxophone
Heather Warren - Trumpet
Shelby Linam - Trombone
Ryan Landreth - Euphonium
Faith Classen - Euphonium
Nathan Barker - Percussion
Tyler Huffstutler - Percussion
Bren Garred - Percussion

2011-2012 Sr. High All-Region Honors

First Band:

Richie Hardin - 7th chair, Flute*
Erica Bearden - 11th chair, Flute
Grant Ragsdell - 3rd chair, Clarinet*
Danny Bateman - 2nd chair, Contra Clarinet*
Will Sawyer - 3rd chair, Alto Saxophone*
Daniel Plyley - 5th chair, Alto Saxophone*
Jon Vickers - 2nd chair, Tenor Saxophone*
Hunter Durham - 6th chair, Trumpet*
Macoe Davis - 3rd chair, Tuba*

Second Band:

Sarah Cavaliere - 8th chair, Flute
Tiffany Green - 4th chair, Clarinet
Emily Hamilton - 23rd chair, Clarinet
Neeley Addison - 3rd chair, Bass Clarinet
Kyler Gurien - 3rd chair, Alto Saxophone
Cody Grooms - 11th chair, Trumpet
Colton Wilmes - 13th chair, Trumpet
Angel Bailey - 4th chair, French Horn
Mary Katherine Brengard - 6th chair, French Horn
Wayne Brandt - 2nd chair, Trombone
Zach Brown - 5th chair, Trombone
Tylor Wright - 1st chair, Euphonium
Zach Mitchell - 6th chair, Euphonium
Seth Smithee - 4th chair, Tuba
Brandon Adams - 7th chair, Tuba
Crystal Kachevas - 9th chair, Percussion


Brittany Kahl - Clarinet
Alex Dwyer - Baritone Saxophone
Anna Wagner - French Horn
Logan Davis - Percussion

* = Qualified for All-State Auditions



Logan Davis - 1st Band, 1st chair Trap Set
Grant Ragsdell - 2nd Band, 1st chair Guitar
Alex Dwyer - 2nd Alternate Guitar


Macoe Davis - 4th chair Tuba


Grant Ragsdell - 20th chair Clarinet


Erica Bearden - 4th chair, Flute
Grant Ragsdell - 1st chair, Clarinet
Tiffany Greene - 17th chair, Clarinet
Daniel Plyley - 3rd chair, Alto Saxophone
Kyler Gurien - 5th chair, Alto Saxophone
Jon Vickers - 2nd chair, Tenor Saxophone
Alex Dwyer - 2nd chair, Baritone Saxophone
Angel Bailey - 5th chair, French Horn
Rona Smith - 8th chair, French Horn
Zach Brown - 2nd chair, Trombone
Tylor Wright - 4th chair, Euphonium
Seth Smithee - 7th chair, Tuba