Girls' State

Paragould High School is pleased to announce the delegates chosen for Arkansas Girls State. Pictured are Hannah Murphy, Skylar Orr, Kalyn Lamb, and Emily Hill. Arkansas Girls State delegates are chosen on the following qualifications: leadership, character, scholarship, cooperativeness, and community service. Girls are selected by their schools or an American Legion Auxiliary Unit. It is an honor for the student to be recommended and selected as a delegate, and she is there to represent her family, school, and community.

Arkansas Girls State is a program of education, sponsored by the ALA Department of Arkansas since 1942. It has provided training for over 55,000 Arkansas young women in the fundamental aspects of citizenship and practical government for the past 78 years. The ALA Girls State program in Arkansas is planned to provide citizenship training for young women of high school age; afford them an opportunity to live together in mythical cities and counties as self-governing citizens; inform them about the duties, privileges, and participation in the functioning of their government; and help them grasp the meaning of some of the responsibilities which they must assume when they become adults. The delegates elect their own officials, organize their own legislature, and have official visits with their respective counterparts in the Capitol. Two students will be selected to attend American Legion Auxiliary Girls Nation in Washington, D.C. as Arkansas Senators where a mock government experience is planned on the national level.