Traffic Map

In order to deliver your child(ren) safely and quickly to you, please follow the procedures below:

  • As the image states, using a cell phone while operating a vehicle in the carline is against the law.
  • Car dismissal begins at 3:10.
  • Car tag must be visibly displayed in your front car window on the passenger side dashboard or hanging from your rearview mirror.
  • If you do not have your car tag, you may request new ones from the school office. Car tags are only provided to custodial guardians and with proof of identification.
  • Vehicles with no car tag displayed will be sent to the school office for student pick-up.
  • If a child is not able to come out to the carline in a timely manner, that parent may be asked to pull forward out of the way of other cars and wait for their child OR pull around, park, and pick them up in the school office.
  • If a child requires assistance with buckling in a car seat or booster seat, please pull forward and park in the gravel in order to get out and buckle your child safely. For optimal safety, parents and guests may not get out of their vehicles while waiting in the car or during dismissal.
  • Car dismissal is over at 3:30. Remaining students will be taken to the office to wait for someone to pick them up If you pull into the car line driveway and approach cones, you may not remove them and drive forward. This means the car line is over and you should turn around, park, and get your child from the school office.
  • Finally, please be courteous and give grace to one another. There are a lot of moving parts during drop off and dismissal. Be patient. Student, staff, and visitor safety is our number one priority. Thank you for helping us keep everyone safe.