Traffic Plan

In an effort to make our car line procedures safer and faster, please review the following tips.

  • Use of cellphones in the car line is against the law.
  • Car line starts early at 7:15 so that you can drop your child off first and proceed to other campuses.
  • Car line ends at 7:45. After that, you must walk your child to the front office.
  • Drivers may not exit the vehicle during drop off.
  • Students should be seated on the passenger side of your vehicle to help expedite unloading and loading in the car line.
  • Pull up behind the car in front of you. If you are the first car in the line, pull forward to the end of the sidewalk unless a staff member indicates otherwise.
  • Your child should be fully prepared to exit the vehicle when a staff member opens the door (backpack on, lunchbox or water bottle in hand, etc.)
  • Once your child has unloaded, please continue on your way, so we can unload the cars behind you.