Alternate Calendar Spring 2024

With the 4 days of inclement weather we had in January, the Paragould School District had to revise the spring 2024 school calendar. We think you will be as excited as we were with the news we received from the Department of Education. Keep reading for details from our Superintendent. Want the Cliffs Notes? Jump to the last statement at the bottom! 

"The Arkansas Department of Education issued a waiver that allows Districts to transition their calendar from traditional to alternate. Alternate calendars require 1,068 hours. Through the waiver process Districts have been allowed to "bank" instructional time and substitute that time for inclement weather days. The Paragould School District exceeds the minimum standard of 6 hours of instruction each day and will take advantage of the waiver process. 

Transitioning to an alternate calendar ensures students will NOT be required to make up inclement weather days for up to 7 days.