School of the 21st Century

The School of the 21st Century is a comprehensive, high quality, affordable early childhood care and education plan that brings together an umbrella of services for the benefits of children and their families for 246 days a year.

It is a unique plan developed by Dr. Edward Zigler, Director of the Bush Center for Child Development at Yale University.

The core components of the School of the 21st Century consist of:

  • Home Visitation
  • Before/After/Vacation care for school-age children
  • Preschool 3-5 year olds
  • Early Care and Education for Infant-36 months
  • Informational and Referral
  • Health Related Services
  • Parent Education and Involvement

Mission Statement:

The School of the 21st Century is dedicated to the healthy growth and development of all children through continuity of support from birth to age twelve. We promote exceptional early care, education, and additional support services for children and families by linking school, home, and community resources to build an environment that values children.