Axonometric - Facing Concessions

Axonometric - Facing Concessions (Less Envelope)

Axonometric - Facing Digital Display

Axonometric - Facing Digital Display (Less Envelope)

Bird's Eye - Level 2 - Facing Concessions

Bird's Eye - Level 2 - Facing Digital Display

New Basketball Court Design

2024 Bond Restructure

Save the Date for March 5th

QR Code for Virtual Tour of the proposed arena

Virtual Tour

Scan the QR code here or click HERE to transport yourself into the new arena for a virtual tour. Available 1/30/2024.

On 1/26 we will release the virtual tour of the new arena

Presentation Handout

Click HERE to get information about PSD's academics; safety; transportation; completed facility projects; and a list of projects in our master facility plan. You will also find a direct comparison of our current arena with those in our conference. A lot of great information to make an informed decision!

QR Code to Informational Handouts about the bond restructure

Informational Handouts

Scan this QR code or click HERE to see our informational handouts. Feel free to share with your friends and family members so everyone has the facts. Check back often - we will continue to add information as it becomes available.

Frequently Asked Questions

QR Code that takes you to a survey to provide input on bond restructuring

Ask Us!

Have a question not answered above? Want to provide feedback? Scan the QR code here or click HERE for a survey that allows you to do both. We value your input.

QR Code to ballot wording

Know Before You Go!

In an effort to reassure the voters that a vote FOR the bond restructure is NOT a tax rate increase or millage increase, we want you to see the language that will be on the voting ballot. Scan the QR code or click HERE to see how the question will be worded and what it means to you, the voter!

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