About Woodrow Wilson Elementary Math, Technology and International Studies


Woodrow Wilson Elementary's Math, Technology and International Studies theme offers a program that emphasizes an inquiry-based approach designed to stimulate high-level learning. Students will participate in hands-on activities that build upon the district’s core curriculum and state and national standards. We recognize that children have unique strengths, talents, and interests. Our program offers students the opportunity to be global-minded as they explore how the bigger world affects the world in which they live.

At Woodrow Wilson one of our goals is to provide a rigorous math program that strikes a balance between building student's basic mathematics skills and giving student hands-on experiences through which they can investigate mathematical concepts and develop their problem solving and reasoning ability.

Our school utilizes the latest technology available to bring lessons to life with exciting projects that make learning fun and rewarding. A state of the art computer lab, iPads, and Chromebooks allow students access to advanced technological tools which help students gain world perspective and technological skills that give them a definite advantage in today's global society!

Students at W

oodrow Wilson Elementary will engage in enriched cultural experiences. Our students will acquire an appreciation for other countries and their peoples by studying customs, food, history, music and language. Resource speakers, field trips, correspondence with children of other countries, and exposure to peoples from other cultures are utilized to enrich and extend classroom instruction.

The goals for Woodrow Wilson Math, Technology and International Studies School will be achieved by:

  • State of the art computer/media lab, iPads, Chromebooks, and library networked with classrooms
  • Interactive whiteboard with projection system in all classrooms
  • State, country, and world maps, as well as globes in all classrooms
  • Digital video and still cameras for student-created class projects
  • Video conferencing worldwide using web cams in classrooms
  • After school theme-related country clubs

Mission Statement:

The learning community of Woodrow Wilson Elementary Math, Technology and International Studies School will create a safe, interactive, and innovative educational environment for all students. The core curriculum shall be enhanced with technology and appreciation for diversity to promote academic excellence and prepare students to successfully contribute to an ever-changing world.