Beginning Band

The Beginning Band at Paragould consists of 7th grade students who are entering Paragould Jr. High School. Students who are in the 8th grade and want to join band are welcome to do so and will study with the 7th grade group.

Membership is open to all incoming students. Generally, approximately 170+ students sign up for Beginning Band every year, which represents over 80% of the 7th grade class! Beginning Band consists of learning music reading skills, good techniques of breathing, posture, tone production, and technical facility. Each student learns in a structured environment that stresses hard work and rewards success. The directors believe that the continuous study of band will make a lifelong impact on the benefit of your child and Beginning Band is the first step of that journey.

There are 3 main sections of Beginning Band:

Woodwinds - Flute (2nd Period), Oboe (2nd Period), Clarinet (2nd Period), Bassoon (2nd Period), and Saxophone (1st Period)

Percussion - Meets during Jr. High 1st period

Brass - Trumpet (7th Period), Horn (3rd Period), Trombone (7th Period), Baritone (1st Period), and Tuba (1st Period).

Each prospective student is given a test over pitch, melody, and rhythm. These tests help to determine what instrument may be best suitable for each individual. Students who want to play in the percussion section are given extensive rhythm and coordination tests, with typically only 10 - 15 being selected. Students are encouraged to play the horn that they want to play the most, but early success is vital to their confidance.

The Beginning Band has 3 public performances a year; Mass Band Day, Christmas Concert and Spring Concert.