2016-2017 Awards

Union City Marching Invitational

Union City High School

Union City, TN

September 17th, 2016


Prelims Awards:

  • Best Visual
  • Best General Effect
  • Best Music
  • Class 5A Champions

Finals Awards:

  • 1st Place Percussion
  • Best Music
  • Best Visual
  • Best General Effect

Bands of America Clarksville Regional

Austin Peay State University

Clarksville, TN

September 24th, 2016


Prelims Awards:

3rd Place-Class 2A

Finals Awards:

7th Place Overall

Gibson County Marching Invitational

Gibson County High School

Dyer, TN

October 1st, 2016


Prelims Awards:

  • 1st Place Color Guard-Class 5A
  • Grand Champion-Class 5A
  • Grand Champion-Large Division

Finals Awards:

  • 1st Place Color Guard
  • 1st Place Percussion
  • Best General Effect
  • Best Music

Region V Marching Assessment

Paragould High School

Paragould, AR

October 18th, 2016

First Division Superior Rating (Eligible for State Marching Contest)

The Arkansas Open

Arkansas State University

Jonesboro, AR

October 22nd, 2016


  • Best 5A Percussion
  • Best 5A Guard
  • Best 5A Soloist (Alyssa Litwiller, Flute)
  • Best 5A Field Commanders
  • Class 5A Champion
  • Overall Best Music
  • Overall Best Visual
  • Overall Best General Effect

Choctaw Marching Invitational

Dyer County High School

Dyer, TN

October 29th, 2016


  • Class F 2nd Place Drum Major
  • Class F 1st Place Percussion
  • Class F 1st Place Color Guard
  • Class F Overall Champion
  • Large Division 1st Place Percussion
  • Large Division 1st Place Color Guard
  • Large Division Best Soloist - Gavin Wagster, Euphonium
  • Large Division Overall Champion
  • Overall Best Color Guard
  • Overall Best Percussion
  • Overall Best Music
  • Overall Best Visual

ASBOA State Marching Championship

War Memorial Stadium

Little Rock, AR

November 1st, 2016


  • Superior Rating
  • Best Overall Music-Class 4A
  • Best Overall Visual-Class 4A

Bands of America Grand Nationals

Lucas Oil Stadium

Indianapolis, IN

November 10th-12th, 2016

  • Superior Rating
  • 4th in Class 2A on Friday
  • 26th Overall on Friday
  • Tied-55th Place Overall

2016-2017 All-Region Jazz Honors

Sr. First Band

Colton Thomason - 1st Chair, Trumpet

Trevor Bateman - 3rd Chair, Trombone

Daniel Crawford - 4th Chair, Trombone

Sr. Second Band

Andrew Rippy - 2nd Chair, Trumpet

A.J. Booth - 3rd Chair, Trombone

Austin Creach - 4th Chair, Trombone

Alyssa Litwiller - 1st Chair, Piano

Sarah Scorfina -2nd Chair, Piano

Josh Huffstutler - 2nd Chair, Drums

Jr. Jazz Band

Jade Morrow - 4th Chair, Trumpet

Kris Brandt - 5th Chair, Trumpet

Noah Hughes - 1st Chair, Tenor Saxophone

Ryan Wright - 1st Chair, Bari Saxophone


Gavin Wagster - Trumpet

Nate Babcock - Tenor Saxophone

Westin Henderson - Tenor Saxophone

Jared Barham - Bass Guitar

Luis Campos - Drums

2016-2017 Jr. High All-Region Honors

Jr. High First Band

Rebecca Morgan - 10th Chair, Flute

Allen Apuan - 5th Chair, Clarinet

Gracie Ragsdell - 21st Chair, Clarinet

Noah Hughes - 3rd Chair, Alto Saxophone

Westin Henderson - 3rd Chair, Tenor Saxophone

Ryan Wright - 1st Chair, Bari Saxophone

Zoe Rodrigues - 1st Chair, French Horn

Mattie Neighbors - 4th Chair, French Horn

Jade Morrow - 4th Chair, Trumpet

Courtney Babcock - 7th Chair, Trumpet

Allie Robb - 3rd Chair, Euphonium

Keirsten Sharpe - 12th Chair, Percussion

Jr. High Second Band

Kayla Smith - 3rd Chair, Flute

Blaire Justice - 9th Chair, Flute

Sarah Purcell - 1st Chair, Oboe

Emma Wyatt - 4th Chair, Clarinet

Melody Young - 1st Chair, Bass Clarinet

Hailea Eubanks - 2nd Chair, Bass Clarinet

Jesse Sanders - 4th Chair, Bass Clarinet

Lainey Dillon - 4th Chair, Alto Saxophon

Sarah Vaughn - 5th Chair, French Horn

Jilliyn Jeu - 7th Chair, French Horn

Dustie Hall - 8th Chair, French Hor

Kris Brandt - 9th Chair, Trumpe

Dacota Chamberlain - 4th Chair, Trombone

Gerson Rangel - 8th Chair, Trombon

Logan Benson - 7th Chair, Tuba

Luis Campos - 4th Chair, Percussion

Bayleigh Freeman - 6th Chair, Percussion

Blake Dickson - 8th Chair, Percussion

2016-2017 Sr. High All-Region Honors

Sr. High First Band

Alyssa Litwiller - 7th Chair, Flute

Mallory Straub - 7th Chair, Clarinet

Jason Waddell - 23rd Chair, Clarinet

Rhealeigh Jaques - 1st Chair, Alto Clarinet

Colton Thomason - 1st Chair, Trumpet

Andrew Rippy - 6th Chair, Trumpet

Trevor Bateman - 5th Chair, Trombone

AJ Booth - 6th Chair, Trombone

Tyler Teague - 7th Chair, Trombone

Paxton Poff - 1st Chair, Bass Trombone

Gavin Wagster - 2nd Chair, Euphonium

Jada White - 4th Chair, Euphonium

Jared Barham - 1st Chair, Tuba

Ben Phillips - 2nd Chair, Tuba

Matthew Anderson - 4th Chair, Tuba

Mead Rickey - 6th Chair, Tuba

Josh Huffstutler - 1st Chair, Percussion

Tyler Brown - 2nd Chair, Percussion

Trevor Gatewood - 3rd Chair, Percussion

Sr. High Second Band

Taylor Copeland - 11th Chair, Flute

Shay Cline - 2nd Chair, Clarinet

Racheal Kelly - 12th Chair, Clarinet

Monica Perez - 2nd Chair, Bass Clarinet

Gabe Waddell - 6th Chair, Alto Saxophone

Rachel Morgan - 3rd Chair, Tenor Saxophone

Brett Murdie - 3rd Chair, French Horn

Seth Laws - 6th Chair, French Horn

Christian Wagner - 4th Chair, Trumpet

Maddie Chaney - 8th Chair, Trumpet

Garrett Potter - 10th Chair, Trumpet

Charlie Williamson - 13th Chair, Trumpet

Daniel Crawford - 1st Band, Trombone

Austin Creach - 5th Chair, Trombone

Noah Coffel - 6th Chair, Trombone

Alicia Johnson - 2nd Chair, Bass Trombone

Illyana O'Rourke - 3rd Chair, Euphonium

Hayden Crosno - 4th Chair, Tuba

Holden Hartsfield - 6th Chair, Tub

Abby Smithee - 1st Chair, Percussion

Nick Karppe - 11th Chair, Percussion

2016-2017 All-State Honor Bands

Wind Symphony

Gavin Wagster - 2nd chair, Euphonium
Jared Barham - 2nd chair, Tuba

Symphonic Band

Rhealeigh Jaques - 1st chair, Alto Clarinet

Concert Band

Andrew Rippy - 3rd chair, Trumpet
Tyler Brown - 5th chair, Percussion


Daniel Crawford - Jazz Trombone
Trevor Gatewood - Percussion
Josh Huffstutler - Percussion

2016-2017 Mid-South Honor Band

Sarah Purcell - Oboe
Brett Murdie - French Horn
A.J. Booth - Trombone
Josh Huffstutler - Percussion
Tyler Brown - Percussion

Trevor Gatewood - Percussion