Technical How To's

How to connect to home or public Wi-FI

Verify that Wi-Fi is on.
In the lower right corner of your screen, check the network Wi-Fi icon. If you see the network Wi-Fi signal off icon , click it to turn Wi-Fi on. Your Chromebook will detect nearby networks.

Connect to an open network

Open networks don’t have a lock on them and don’t require the use of a password. To connect to an open network: In the lower right corner of your screen, click the network Wi-Fi icon. Choose an open network to connect to. Note: When you log in to an open network, your information may be visible to other people on that network.

Connect to a network that requires a passworD

Secure networks are marked with the Wi-Fi lock icon and require additional information before you can connect. To log in to a secure network: In the lower right corner of your screen, click the network Wi-Fi lock icon. Click the secure network you’d like to connect to. A box will open. Enter the password for that network.

When prompted, choose "WPA,” then select either WPA-1 or WPA2-Personal security. The WPA-2 setting offers more security than WPA-1. WEP isn’t recommended.

How to enable offline mode

To set up for Google Docs offline on a chromebook:

While on-line, log into your email, click on google apps (9 little squares in top right) and click on drive.

When drive opens go to the little gear on the far right also known as settings and click on it. Click on settings, check the box that says “sync your work to this computer so that you can edit offline”.

When you are offline, click on the search magnifying glass in the bottom left corner and select files. Select My Drive to find your documents.